Drifting Apart in Friendships: How to Deal

“How do I deal with me and my friend drifting apart and not having the same interests as we did when we were really good friends?”

drifting apartUnfortunately, drifting apart is probably one of the worst things in a friendship. I’ve had this happen to me many, many times, and it’s not fun at all, but I think it’s a pretty normal thing to go through. As you grow, you change, your interests change, and your ideas of a fun time may be different from what it was two years ago. Sometimes you just have to accept that people change, and move on, but here are some tips to continue your friendship, even though you may not be as close as you were before.

Hang Out

One of the main reasons you drift apart (Aside from changing, of course) is that you stop making the effort to talk and hang out. Invite them out to eat lunch and go shopping with you one day. If they live far away, set up a time to Skype and catch up on each other’s lives! Make sure you do things that each other likes, and make an effort to explore their new interests as well. What about starting a bible study together? Maybe even set a time once a week or two to get together regularly! While having to actually schedule in time to spend with a friend may not seem that great, it’ll get you back into the routine of talking to them, and will hopefully strengthen your friendship overtime!

Re-Introduce Yourselves

Drifting apart doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. While they may have changed and made new friends, it isn’t the end of the world. Instead of giving up, try “re-introducing” yourselves. Look at it from the positive side. Learn more about their new hobbies and passions. Introduce them to things you’ve enjoyed recently. Maybe introduce them to your new friends, and vice versa. Chances are, you’ll be able to bond over something new! And remember, you may have changed, but you haven’t changed completely. Deep down, you’re still the same; try re-discovering some of that common ground that brought you two together in the first place!

Let Go

Sometimes change is inevitable, and there’s nothing you can do about drifting apart. While it sucks and we all hate losing good friends, sometimes it’s better to leave with good memories instead of trying to force a friendship that just won’t work anymore. Everybody goes through different changes, and this is unfortunately part of it, Treasure the memories you two have created together, and move on.

How do you deal with drifting apart? Let us know in the comments below!

-Anika H.

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