Cardinals and Fireflies Album Review

Cardinals and Fireflies by Bill Stutzman

Bill Stutzman is a little-known musician who also teaches at my school. His newest album, Cardinals and Fireflies, is artfully arranged with 12 songs, one for each month of the year. Each of the songs is not only very catchy and pleasing to the ear, but well thought out and thought provoking. The words of the songs never cease to encourage me. The chorus of Work To Do says, “There’s more work still to be done, there’s more art to make still and more battles to be won, and it may all be just for an audience of one, God blessed that too, Oh we’ve got work to do.” He also emphasizes the importance of failing (which I do plenty) because it means that you at least tried. My favorite song on the album though is Waiting Lullaby. It is so soothing! It begins “Softly sleep now, let fears subside. In God’s love be still and abide.” The words along with the tune, cradle the listener, coaxing you to be calm and rest in God’s promises. You can purchase Cardinals and Fireflies on iTunes, amazon, CD Baby, and many other websites. Trust me, it’s worth the investment.

-Anna T.

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